What are the 5 Essentials for Camping?

If you want to camp like a boss, you need to get your camping gears in order. After all, they are a necessary evil for you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, and to avoid a miserable time in the middle of a regular camping trip. So, let’s get to the 5 essentials for a routine trip to help you optimize your camping experience.

  1. Shelter (Tent)

    Camping TentTo seek protection from weather and other outside elements, you simply can’t afford to go camping without a tent. After all, it will be your only source of accommodation in the wilderness. A shelter above your head will make you feel 100% safe and relaxed. You never know it could also protect you from serial killers who hike. So, a tent should be on the top of your shopping list when planning to camp in the woods. You don’t need to buy a tent if you go camping just once in 5 years. Instead it would be more reasonable to rent it.

  2. Lightweight Cot

    lightweight camping cotJust because you are leaving civilization doesn’t mean you don’t deserve any comfort at night. For the comfort stuff, a lightweight cot needs to be your travel companion. It will help you prepare for all the trouble that you might encounter when you plan to unwind for the day. Your best bet would be to get a cot that can hold up to a lot of use, has pleasant fabric, solid feel, and can be easily fitted in a trunk. The best sleeping cot out there can make you feel like you are resting on the clouds.

  3. Flashlights

    FlashlightA flashlight at your arm’s reach will help you see in the dark places. Basically, it will optimize your ability to do things at night. From searching for fallen objects to attending nature’s call, it can assist you in infinite ways. Moreover, it can help you navigate a lost track at night. Not to undermine the fact that a flashlight can also offer a sense of real security. As a smart shopper, choose a flashlight with a good battery life. Remember, you might not find too many options to recharge the flashlight in the wilderness.

  4. Water Filtration

    portable water filterThe golden word of advice for campers is to carry as much water as possible because not every campsite out there may have access to drinkable water. So, you might need a water filtration system of your own for instant availability of purified water for drinking, washing dishes, and maybe, even bathing, especially when you are venturing out for multi-day camping. Believe it or not, being able to purify your own water can change a dreadful situation into a manageable one.

  5. First Aid Supplies

    First AidFrom helping you deal with a simple fall to an allergic reaction, a well-stocked first aid kit can help you combat a lot of camping related accidents. So, it helps to keep a first aid kit handy with all the basic medical components readily available such as aspirins, burn creams, bandages, sunscreen, glue, prescription medication, hand sanitizer, etc. A first-aid kit can be a true-life saver during dire times. Now, that you are geared with the right information for your next adventure, don’t leave any of these essential items at home.