Is Camping Better than Hotels?

When you plan for trips these days, generally it is a hotel break. Staying in hotels has always been the popular way of spending holidays. Well, indeed this is a good holiday plan. But why don’t you think of something adventurous? Come on, let’s have some thrill, some more fun and a lot more adventure. Yes, it is the camping that can offer you all the three together.

Why choose camping over hotels?

Still in a dilemma? Well then, check out the reasons why you should choose camping and how economical it is.

  • Stay in touch with nature
    If you stay in a hotel, you have to make an extra effort to get in touch with nature. On the other hand, in a campsite, you are already surrounded by nature. You look at greenery all around. This is the reason of choosing camping over staying in hotels.
  • Spend more quality time with your friends
    Another great facility of staying in a campsite is you get to spend a lot of time with your friends and family. And, the time that you invest is absolutely quality time. In fact, in campsites you get to do a lot of adventure activities all together with your friends or family. It’s fun!
  • Enjoy cool gadgets
    One of the exciting reasons for choosing camping is to use some cool camping tools. Over the years, camping has become pretty popular, especially among the young generation. So, there has developed new tools and fun gadgets such as portable wood burning campstove, survival kits, camping flashlights and lanterns and even portable espresso makers!
  • Great facilities but less money

Above everything lies the cost. Here camping is a proud winner! Also, it is not devoid of facilities.

Overall cost

  1. Booking a spot vs. booking a hotel
    At an average, the price of booking a campsite ranges from $12 – $15. Now, if you are spending a night in a decent hotel, it is almost $ 100. Look at the price range… It’s huge!
  2. Cost of food
    When you choose to stay in a hotel, you will have to pay for your food along with lodging. But, in case of camping, the complete accommodation of everything is yours. You have to make arrangements for your food. So, you know how to curb money from it.
  3. Cost of travel
    For hotels, most of them are not located at your destination. You have to take a car to the hotel. In a way, here lies an additional travelling cost. Campsites, on the other hand, are situated within the parks. So, there is no additional expenditure for traveling. Further, think of the cost of fuel. That’s always on the rise. Either you have to keep a check on the destination’s distance or you have to reduce costs on other items.
  4. Cost of camping equipment
    Although you don’t need to pay like the hotel reservation, yet the camping equipments do not come for free. For campers, a tent, sleeping bags, camping cots and some extra blankets are the necessities. Once you buy these stuffs, it remains with you for long.

On that note, camping is always preferred than booking hotels. And when you can find happiness in so less amount, why not avail it to the fullest!