How to choose the best sleeping cots for Adults

Sleep is the only time of the day that lets you relax without a care. A deep sleep at the end of a tiring day is enough to make you forget all the stresses. A good sleeping cot helps you achieve this. It can turn your nightmares into sweet dreams. From camping to lounging, sleeping cots for adults come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here we will discuss some of the best sleeping cots for adults.

What to look for in a good sleeping cot?

Before going into specific cots, here are a few points that you must keep in mind while selecting sleeping cots for adults.

  • Comfort is key: Make sure the cot fits your height and is not too hard or too soft.
  • Durability: Check for warranty and go through the materials used.
  • Steadiness: The cot should be sturdy and should not crank under your weight.
  • Capacity: Whether a single bed or double bed make sure that the carrying capacity of the cot is sufficient.
  • Purpose specificity: We cannot use all cots for all situations. Whether it is portability or high capacity or compact foldability, make sure you get to use the main purpose right.

Best sleeping cots for adults

Listed below are some of the most popular sleeping cots for adults in the market today.

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cam

Camping is fun. But sleeping on the ground is not everyone’s cup of tea. This outfitter cot by Teton Sports helps you with this issue. Its main features include a high weight capacity of 600 pounds and large size (85x40x19 inch). With a steady aluminum frame and a compact folded size, this will top the list of camping cot reviews. It is also extremely durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  It is very easy to assemble and hardly takes a minute to set up.  The cot fabric is soft enough to sleep on even without a mattress.

Helinox Cot Lite

Helinox Cot Lite

If carrying around heavy stuff is not your style, then shift to a lightweight Cot. The Helinox Cot Lite is a portable cot that we can fold into a compact suitcase. It is very easy to setup and quite sturdy despite its ultra-lightweight (It weighs only a mere 2.8 pounds). If you are going to a camp or just want to stretch your legs outdoor, pack this cot up and carry this lightweight camping cot with you. Its small packed size also facilitates discreet storage.

Coleman Twin Air Bed Folding Cot

Coleman Twin Airbed Folding CotIf sleeping on bare cots is not conducive to you, then this Coleman product is one you should look out. Along with the sturdy cot, this package also includes an air pump and a portable, inflatable twin mattress. We can use this for camping as well as temporary cots for guests. It can support over 300 pounds and has extra headroom even for a six feet human. With its ComfortStrong coils supporting your back this is probably the most comfortable cot.