How to Make your Sleeping Outside Better?

Maybe, you have slept outside once or twice. Being a creature of habit, you are looking to repeat the feat. But, you want to improve your experience of sleeping outside to be in your best element when you wake up. It makes sense too because there is no way you can edit a bad sleep. So, let’s offer you some sensible-sounding advice that will forever change your outdoor sleeping experience.

  • Pitch Your Tent at the Correct Spot

Camping tentDespite every fiber in your body telling you to fall asleep to the charming sounds of nature, you are better off choosing a spot that’s not too loud. If you are a regular camper, you might already know that there are times when the solitude of wilderness can be louder than a noisy fan. So, it’s in your best interest to pitch your tent at an area where the sound of wilderness doesn’t bother you much. Also, choose a flat surface, and get rid of rocks, needles, pebbles, or anything else that can serve as a hurdle. If possible, consider a softer ground such as grass.


  • Choose the Best Camping Bed

Of course, it shouldn’t cost you an earth, yet provide you the desired cushioning. Do some research on the forecasted weather of the place of visit to gun down the most comfortable camping bed for the trip. You can also choose to go for the most comfortable camping mattress, which can keep you off the ground. If you are considering the latter, choose a mattress that’s not a pain in the butt to inflate.


  • Sleep Tired/Exhausted

This advice isn’t to test your laziness, but to help you fall asleep soon. So, be ready to break some sweat to enjoy a sound sleep. Spend most part of the day hiking, learning, walking, or touring the nature. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sucking fresh air and exploring the nature. This will not only make your outdoor trip very much worthwhile, but it will also help you enjoy a sound sleep due to sheer tiredness.


  • Prepare for Mosquitoes/Bugs

Yes, be prepared for these evil devils as well or else they will ruin your nights. Worse yet, you might wake up with swollen body parts. To begin with, camp at a high and dry spot because these little rascals prefer wet areas. To create a physical barrier, use some insect repellent spray. You can also throw a stick of sage into the campfire to repel the bugs and insects. The thing works like magic.

  • Stay Gadget-Free

Don’t make the age-old mistake of exposing yourself to the blue light that’s produced from your laptop or phone whether you are sleeping indoors or outdoors. After all, these modern-day gadgets are sleep vampires. If possible, don’t take your job outdoors with you. As you might already know, a single call from your lousy boss can ruin the day.


  • Respect Bedtime Rituals

If you follow a certain bedtime routine at home, bring it to the wilderness as well. It could be anything that helps you sleep better when it’s the time to unwind for the day such as preparing a cup of tea, reading a book, or even meditation. By calling your attention to these daily rituals, you will be able to increase your odds of enjoying a sound sleep under the stars.