Do you need Sleeping Bag when using Camping Cot?

Before cutting ties with all the modern conveniences, it helps to be armed with the right camping gears to enjoy a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep when camping. So, the million-dollar question is; whether or not you need a sleeping bag when using camping cot to get a good night’s rest away from home? Let’s answer this tip-lipped camping question through this post.
Even a one-off camper would vouch for the fact that a comfortable camping cot is an indispensable camping tool. It almost feels and looks like a bed. Better yet, the cot raises a camper off the ground to prevent attacks from bugs, critters, and insects housing inside the tent. As they say, “It’s extremely important to create a space barrier between you and the ground when you decide to unwind for the day.” A good, lightweight cot can be used to create a protective barrier to enjoy a comfortable sleep on a camping night.
But, cots are not always the most comfortable sleeping platforms for camping. Frankly speaking, even the best cots for tent camping may not be the practical sleeping solution during hot seasons of the year because most of them fail to provide proper insulation. You would need something on the top of the cot to provide insulation. A sleeping bag would be the ideal solution over here to get boatloads of insulation that the camping cot may fail to provide.

When a camping cot is used in conjunction with a sleeping bag, the sleeping platform can get warm and cozy during the cold months as well. Basically, you will find it easier to sleep at night. After all, a sleeping bag will provide the extra dose of insulation to boost your comfort level while sleeping outdoors. For those who don’t know, it keeps the body warm by trapping the surrounding air. So, it does a good job of preventing the camper from getting chilly in the middle of the night. Simply put, you won’t be as warm on a camping cot as you would be on a sleeping bag.
Of course, if you don’t mind tossing and turning all night, then that’s a different story in itself. You can manage few nights on a comfortable camping cot too. But, if you want to add little more comfort and convenience to your camping mission, you are better off carrying a sleeping bag along with a camping cot on your next trip to the wilderness. Of course, it helps to select a sleeping bag with a temperature rating appropriate to the place of visit. Believe it or not, it can make a huge difference while sleeping.
In conclusion, deciding to carry a sleeping bag when using camping cot is a matter of personal preference. If you value your sleep at night like nothing else out there, you can’t afford to cast a blind eye to a sleeping bag. It will make your sleeping experience so much better. After all, it will be addressing the number one complaint of campers, which is ‘poor sleep.’ Everything considered, a sleeping bag will dramatically improve your sleeping experience in the wilderness.